Variety of Chikki

Variety of Chikki

By January 8, 2014

Prep Time : 20 minutes. Cook Time : 25 minutes Yield : 2 to 3 person




  1. Chikki is the yummiest,healthiest,easiest and tastiest snack.
  2. What is the main in part in Chikki is to make paste of gur/jaggery  perfect.
  3. First select the product of which you want to make chikki.
  4. After selecting product be ready with proportion of gur which is finely chopped and product.
  5.  Be ready with 1/2 bowl water, 1 plate for spreading hot mixture , flat spatula and Chapati roller.
  6. Heat the pan, add gur, stir on a very medium flame for 5 to 7 minutes.20140107_17042820140107_170644
  7. After five To 7  minutes it will bubble like this.20140107_170803
  8. While we stir when gur become puffy and turn in to dark colour it seems that it is ready.
  9. Lets check, is it ready?
  10. Take 1/2 bowl water and pour 1 drop of hot gur paste in it.
  11. After 30 second check that drop by tasting, if it is sticky than stir gur for 2 to 3 minutes more but if it is crunchy than it is ready for mixing any product.20140107_170918
  12. Now Mix product of which you want to make chikki.20140107_171137
  13. Now pour this mixture and spread with flat spatula in the plate.
  14. Spread fast because within few second it becomes sticky than it is not possible to spread.
  15. One thing for chikki is that do not make more quantity at a time.
  16. Proportion  for chikki is that as the size of product increase quantity of that product increase as to the proportion of gur.
  17. For Til take 1 cup proportion to 1/2 cup gur.
  18. For Daliya,peanuts take 1/1/4 cup proportion to 1/2 cup gur.
  19. For coconut take 1 1/2 cup  proportion to 1/2 cup gur.
  20. For Mamra take 2 cup  proportion to 1/2 cup gur.
  21. While spreading for til mixture if we want thin chikki than spread with chapati roller on a flat surface like platform or flooring.
  22. Any other Mixture can be spread in Plate with the help of flat spatula.
  23. Do not make large quantity at a time.
  24. It is time consuming but yummiest food at festival like Makar Sankrat.20140107_171851
  25. We can also make ladoo of Mamra and Til.
  26. As Maharashtrian peoople says "Til Gud Kha Ani Gud Gud Bola" it means Eat this til ladoo and speak sweet.
  27. When Makar sankrat comes 2 things cums in to mind one is KITE and Second is CHIKKI.
  28. So I made combination of both.

20140107_12282220140107_13012220140107_14294120140107_17183620140107_141619 20140107_142456          29 It can be presented like this on festival.

          30  Enjoy Assorted chikki.


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