Khaman Dhokla

Khaman Dhokla

By February 6, 2017

Prep Time : 10 minutes. Cook Time : 25 minutes Yield : 3 to 4 person



  1. Mix Gram flour , salt, sugar.Turmeric powder and oil.
  2. Now add fruit salt and on above that pour lemon juice.
  3. Add little water for making thick and puffy batter
  4. Boil water in a steamer.
  5. Grease the 7 to 8 inch steamer plate well with cooking oil.
  6. Pour half the batter in one steamer plate and half on another steamer plate.
  7. Put the tray in the steamer, close the lid and steam for approx 15 to 20 minutes on medium heat.
  8. After that open the lid and check if it is done or not. When you touch the dhokla, the mixture should not stick on your finger.
  9. When done, let it cool down for 10 minutes.
  10. If you have double plate steamer than put together otherwise...
  11. Same way do another plate.
  12. Remove dhokla from steamer plate very gently so it does not break.
  13. Now turn one dhokla , spread green chutney and  sprinkle coconut on top.
  14. Now put another dhokla and pour tempering.
  15. For tempering :
  16. Heat the oil. add mustard seeds. allow to splutter , add curry leaves and Chilly.
  17. Now pour this tempering on dhokla and sprinkle mint leaves
  18. Ready to serve Delicious Khaman Dhokla.

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