Pok ( JOWAR) Na Bhajiya

Pok ( JOWAR) Na Bhajiya

By February 13, 2014

Prep Time : 30 minutes. Cook Time : 45 minutes Yield : 4 to 5 person



  1. Mix Flour,salt,sugar,oil 1 Tsp, Lemon juice and soda.
  2. Mix all the thing and make thick and puffy batter with water.
  3. Now steam this mixture in Dhokla maker.20140206_174535
  4. Steam for 12 to 15 minutes.
  5. Now Dhokla is ready.
  6. Now For seasoning heat the 1 tsp oil ,add mustard seeds, allow to splutter,add green chilly and curry leaves.
  7. Now crumbled this dhokla.
  8. Mix gram flour 1/2 cup, Crumbled dhokla, Half Crush Jowar, salt , lemon Juice,Green Chilly Paste,Coriander,hing,Dry Coriander.
  9. If needed add water 1/4 cup.
  10. Adjust all spices according to taste.
  11. It should be tasty.
  12. Due to Dhokla coating of bhajiya will become crunchy.20140206_183543
  13. Now this is ready for frying.
  14. It can be done in any shape as you wish like round,square or heart shape.
  15. Due to valentine I made in Heart shape.
  16. Heat the oil , fry this bhajiya in medium flame till it turn in to golden brown colour.
  17. Serve hot
  18. Serve with Green chutney and Sweet Chutney.


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