Fruits with Crush N Whipped Cream

Fruits with Crush N Whipped Cream

By March 29, 2014

Prep Time : 30 minutes. Cook Time : 10 minutes Yield : 2 to 3 person



  1. Chop fruits.
  2. Mean while make ready whipped cream.
  3. First Take fresh cream in one bowl.
  4. Now Take ice cubes 15 to 20 in one pot in which cream vessel can be placed.20140204_13012520140204_130136
  5. Add powder sugar.
  6. Now beat this cream with the help of beater for 3 to 4 minutes.20140204_130351
  7. Now whipped cream is ready to mix.20140204_132636
  8. Now pour Whipped Cream on the top of fruits.20140204_132944
  9. Pour Strawberry crush on top of whipped cream.
  10. Now sprinkle grapes.
  11. If you  like the taste of Chat masala then it can be also sprinkled.
  12. It is healthy since it is sum of fruits and easy to prepare.20140204_133356
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