Crispy Puri

Crispy Puri

By May 22, 2014

Prep Time : 20 minutes. Cook Time : 30 minutes Yield : 3 to 4 person



  1. Mix Flour , salt , ghee and black pepper properly.
  2. Make thick and semi hard flour with warm water.
  3. Knead with hands for few minutes.20131030_114635
  4. Keep aside for 15 minutes.
  5. Make small balls of flour.
  6. Roll each part like puri.20140414_181539
  7. Fold in to half.20140414_181550
  8. Now put water on edge of  folded parts.20140414_181705
  9. Now fold like triangle.20140414_181749
  10. Like this make all puri in triangle.
  11. Heat the oil, now fry this triangle puri on a very less flame till it turn in to golden  colour.
  12. Sprinkle Chat masala on each puri.20140414_182526
  13. Crispy puri can be served as High Tea snack.
  14. It can be prepared in parushan with wheat flour.
  15. It is one of the best dry snack which will be loved by anyone.20140414_182625
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